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Home Buyers or renters
of Pre-1978 homes

Lead Paint Hazards will harm children and adversely affect the value of your home.  Your home is typically the largest investment you will make. Lead Paint Hazards could be so devastating to you and your children, that by federal law you have a 10 day window of opportunity to perform an investigation and a subsequent release from the real estate agreement if lead based paint hazards exist.

Fortunately resent advancement in training and equipment has made this investigation affordable and in reach for all.

Lead Paint Solutions uses the latest XRF equipment which is non-destructive and leaves no gouges or marks on existing paint.


The EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting Final Rule (RRP Rule) requires that on a home built before 1978, if you disturb more than 20 sf of exterior paint or more than 6 sf in any interior room the disturbed painted surfaces must be checked for lead based paint.  This law affects remodelers, painters, plumbers, roofers, window replacers, kitchen cabinet replacers, or any trade that disturbs paint while working.

The benefit of using Lead Paint Solutions for your investigation and report is that it is a more comprehensive, convenient, and accurate than doing it yourself using the over the counter test kit (over the counter test kits are not approved for drywall and some other surfaces). Renovators have found a cost saving and reduced liability by using a third party lead consultant.

Home Owners that have had
renovation on Pre 1978 homes

Your builder, painter, and/or renovation company disturbing paint on your dwelling is required by law to give you certain lead based paint notifications; perform lead paint investigation (providing you with a report); perform the work using EPA defined safe work practices; and provide you with a clearance report upon completion.

If you have not received the following from the organization that disturbed paint on your home you may unknowingly have lead paint hazards.

  • Documentation as to the EPA renovation firm certificate
  • EPA renovate right pamphlet
  • The report indicating Lead Paint Testing results on all disturbed surface
  • An upon completion clearance examination report including dust samples

Sample Reports




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